History of Legong Dance; Meaning and Symbols of Bali Island in The 20 Century

Rakhmayanti Novitasari Winata

pp: 1-9

Stand-up Comedy as  Impetus  For Evangelismin in  Nigeria: The Example of Aboki 4 Christ’s Medicinal Laughter

Edward Egbo Imo


The Force to be in A Relationship; How Actors Play Their Roles on Instagram Accounts  in Shaping A Negative Image of Single Late Millennial in Indonesia

Retno Daru Dewi G. S. Putri

pp: 28-38

Safer  Campuses and The Menace of  Cultism in Nigerian Schools: A Reading of Charity Angya’s Gone Sailing

Mbachaga Desen Jonathan

pp: 39-47

Javanese Legal Ethics

Prapto Yuwono
pp: 48-56

Between Culture and Politics in Nigeria: Power, Identity and Democratic Reflections in Tunde Kelani’s Films

Abiodun Olayiwola

pp: 57-71

Social  and Economic Capital: Causes of Arjuna’s Victory against Karna

Munif Yusuf

pp: 72-80

Theatrical Elements in Ndashe, The Kuteb Bridal Festival

Kyantirimam Riken Ukwen  and Mbachaga Desen Jonathan

pp: 81-90

Learning Approach of Reading The Kadazandusun Language Through Songs and Computer-Basedf Music for Standard One Student

Jinuin Bin Jainis and Norjietta Julita Binti Taisi,


Regional Expansion, Identity Crisis And The Paradox Of Human Rights Enforcement In The European Union

Fajar M Nugraha


Deconstructing Muhammad Ibn Abdul Wahhabi’s Teachings Through Jacques Derrida Deconstruction Theory

Naupal and Sa’dah Mardiati

pp: 110-118 

Tracing The Myth Of The People, As Part of Life (A Case Study of Dampu Awang Folklore)

Nanny Sri Lestari

pp : 119-127